Summer Body Guide


Daniel Mutko

When it comes to summer everyone wants to look good in a bathing suit for when they go to the beach. Many try to get a fit physique in a short amount of time and dive straight into the deep end of fitness. If you have never worked out before or do so rarely doing this can lead to injury and discouragement. Many even believe that the key to working out is self motivation but I believe this to be only a small part of the fitness journey.

If just starting out, start slow and realize that there will be times that you don’t feel like working out. Self motivation will be a factor in working out when you just don’t feel like doing it, but from experience I found routine is more important. Making physical fitness a routine rather than a short lived goal you can continue to accomplish goals and begin to become proud of what you are doing instead of what you want to do.

Implementing fitness into your daily routine can seem difficult especially if your schedule tends to change rapidly. You may think getting to the gym to workout can be hard to do at a timely manner, or even impossible when away from home, but I disagree. Everything you look at around you could play a part in a good workout, anywhere you are. There are many ways to get fit that don’t include any weights at all and sometimes weights will give you a physique you didn’t actually want.

I prefer to do body weight workouts also known as calisthenics and for a couple of very simple reason. You can do body weight exercises anywhere and at anytime which is a huge advantage especially when trying to make it a routine. The best part about calisthenics is it also free and everywhere is your gym. I also prefer calisthenics because of the flexibility these workouts provide. They can be made easier or harder without much effort at all. A little bit goes a long way and calisthenics really prove this. Not only does it take little to no equipment but it can very quickly make you feel great and look good too.

Enough talk about why I prefer calisthenics you are here to learn how to get fit and fast as summer is fast approaching and this is the time to start. Like previously stated incorporate it into your routine by doing just a few exercises every morning or night. Pushups, pullups, situps, squats, and dips are all great exercises to start with especially since they are the most well known and don’t take much time. These exercises can also be made easier or harder depending on your current fitness level. If you are inexperienced or just not quite fit enough to do these exercises just start doing an easier form. Pushups can be made easy by doing them on your knees. Pull ups can be easier by just hanging on the bar, and giving it a good effort never hurts. Squats can also be made easier by doing half reps or sitting down in a chair and getting back up. The same goes for dips and sit ups as well.

When you can finally do the exercises just doing a couple can give you a great workout. Not only is it growing muscle but it can reduce body fat making you more lean and appear more defined that if you were just lifting weights. Weight training often uses bulking and cutting to get defined which can be discouraging as it’s not always easy to keep a good diet. With calisthenics you can eat virtually anything you want and still look good. Diets are often hard to keep and when they are broken all the body fat is just put right back on, so instead I recommend not a diet but rather substituting foods or enjoying less of those sugary or greasy snacks.

When you are finally able to do a good amount of body weight exercises it’s not hard to make them harder and continue to challenge yourself. There are 100s of push ups variations that you can try by just adding balance into the equation or just using a different body position. With pullups you can try to add a little weight or try different variations through hand positions or go the full way and try a muscle up. Not only does it look impressive but they are a great workout and not much harder to do when you learn correct form. You can add weights to squats to challenge yourself and with dips you can do full body weight or even add some to make them more challenging. Calisthenics are underrated and are a great workout.


When wanting to get a summer body fast just know that calisthenics are great for cardio as well and can easily be incorporated to anyone’s busy schedule. These workouts aren’t time consuming and can give you a great physique for free. Instead of going straight to the gym and paying for a membership and trying to diet I highly recommend trying calisthenics. If you still get discouraged you lost no money and don’t miss those snack foods you used to love nearly as much. Remember to be safe and don’t push yourself past your limits. Keep proper form and stay safe while getting strong and fit.