One of Us : Mrs. Sue Milazzo


Israel Reyes, Reporter

Mrs. Sue Milazzo is not just the sweet lady you see in the hallways, she is an important part of Hammonton High School especially for our athletic department. Mrs. Sue has been in the district since 2009 and has continued to work in Hammonton to this day. Since April of 2016, she has been the Athletic Secretary at the high school. Mrs. Sue is a big part in the long process that helps Hammonton’s athletic program function.

What is your favorite thing about your job? Seeing all the kids everyday.

What is your least favorite thing about your job? Dealing with crazy scheduled days.

What is your favorite memory from when you were in high school? 8th period stenography class with Mrs. Longo.

When you’re not working, what hobbies do you have? I like to watch my son perform in plays, hangout with my girls on Friday nights, and be a member of the Lions Club.

One thing about me that would surprise people is… my age

If I won a million dollars, I would buy… houses for my boys.