One of Us: Ms. Giacobbe


A 2014 graduate of Hammonton High School, math teacher Jillian Giacobbe graduated from Hammonton High School in 2014. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, a Bachelor’s degree Subject Matter Education, and a minor in Spanish from Rowan University.

Why were you inspired to go into education?

Education was always an option I considered. My teachers here at HHS were the ones who inspired me to go into high school education, like Mr. O’Malley, Mrs. Shaner, Mr. Wilson, and Mr. Barbagallo. Initially I wanted to teach biology, but after taking Calculus my senior year with Mr. Wilson, I found my true passion in mathematics.

My least favorite thing about my job is….. when students doubt themselves and their abilities. Also, when I get mistaken for a student, which is almost daily!

The thing I enjoy the most about doing my job…. is seeing students accomplish things they didn’t think they could and helping them through their struggles.

My biggest fear is……… the ocean, heights, and needles.

One thing about me that would surprise people is…. I have 11 pets!

When I´m not in school, my hobbies include… spending time with my animals, watching Netflix, crocheting, and eating!

One thing I have learned about working at HHS is… all of the behind the scenes effort and work the teachers and staff put into everything everyday. From sporting events and hop/prom to the daily work in class, teachers are extremely dedicated to their jobs and their students. Often as students, those kinds of things and the amount of effort it takes to pull them off is overlooked, but now working here I can truly see how devoted the staff is to the school and the students.