One of Us: Ms. Rogers


Caleb Nartey, Reporter

Ms. Rogers graduated from high school in 2012 from Collingswood High School. She then went to Rutgers-Camden where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Spanish (minors in English and Latin America Studies) and Master of Arts in Teaching Spanish. She has worked in a variety of roles throughout her career, including Education Ambassador, Adult ESL Teacher, ESL Tutor, and Student Teacher.Prior to working at Hammonton High School, she worked at a few other schools, including the Cooper’s Poynt school in Camden and Pennsauken High School.

Why were you inspired to go into education? My inspiration into the teaching was found through teachers I had through the years and my love for learning institutions. I knew I would always be in the education sector.

My least favorite thing about my job is… grading

The thing I enjoy the most about my job is… getting to engage with the Spanish language all day and think of creative ways to teach.

My biggest fear is… ignorance

One the thing about me that would surprise people is… that I lived in Chile.

When I’m not in school my hobbies include… traveling, cooking, hiking, and live music.

One thing I have learned about working at HHS is… that there are a lot of absences during hunting season.