One of Us: Miss Foster

Before Miss. Foster followed her heart in becoming a teacher she studied at Ocean City High School. She graduated with the class of 2013 and continued her studies at West Chester University. From August 2013- December 2017 she obtained her bachelor’s of science in education in mathematics, spanish minor, and special education minor.

Soon after college ended Miss. Foster gained a position at her old high school Ocean City in 2018 as a special education aide. Miss. Foster had known her passion for teaching since the grade of 7th. She was very close with her 7th grade math teacher and that inspired her to go into teaching. Also, her pre-calc teacher had given her hope to become a teacher because they really cared about their students and Miss. Foster wanted to connect with her students the same way.

With her short time at HHS she has created memories that can she can carry with her through a lifetime. The students she has had so far have been great and made her experience at HHS exciting.

If she could meet anyone dead or alive… it would be Carson Wentz or Zach Ertz


If she was not a teacher she would be… a physical therapist or athletic trainer


Whats her biggest fear? Spiders and snakes


If shes not teaching find her… on the beach