For Student Athletes, Finding Balance Is Challenging

For Student Athletes, Finding Balance Is Challenging

Ava Livingston, Reporter

They say high school is the best four years of your life, but it could also be the most stressful. Students involve themselves in a variety of activities which can make it challenging to find a balance between student life and athlete life.

Having over 1,000 students alone in Hammonton High School being involved in some type of sport, this is a struggle many students face during their sports season. Questioning whether to complete their homework assignment or go to practice, many athletes tend to struggle keeping a steady schedule to stay on track during the school year. Although some people use being an athlete as an advantage, others on the other hand create more stress on themselves causing them to not only struggle in the classroom but on the field as well.

Abigail Baines, grade 12, understands the importance of a balanced schedule during her season. As a multi-sport athlete there is no time to mess around.

“Take advantage of every free time you get,” Baines said. “Whether it’s a canceled game, a study hall, or a holiday, take those types of opportunities when you get the chance.”

Spending about 12 hours a week on the field, Baines finds it easier to have a set time to get her academic work done. She spends about 1-2 hours a night making sure she is prepared for school the next day.

Brianna Fareri, grade 12, spends about 8 hours a week practicing along with cheering at the football games on Friday nights. She spends about less than 30 minutes on her homework considering as a senior she only has about 6 classes a day

“ As a senior it is definitely easier to keep a steady schedule considering I only have 6 classes a day,” Fareri said. “ what makes it easier for me is i write down all my events in a planner so therefore I always have a set schedule for the day”

Jadyn Barker, grade 12, spends about 4 hours during the week practicing softball along with spending 6-10 hours on weekends at her tournaments.

“ Always put school first” Barker says “ No matter whether its a car ride, canceled game or practice make sure you are taking constantly taking advantage of any free time you have”

Even though it can be hard to have a balanced lifestyle when juggling many different things, following these upperclassmen’s tips and advice can help you navigate  trough a stressful school year.