Snow storms across the United States and their impact

Snow storms across the United States and their impact

Natalie Thomson, Reporter

The past snow storm put over 150 million citizens across the country into a winter storm warning.

Snow had fallen in many unexpected places from where you would least expect it such as Texas to coating the sand on the gulf coast. In fact it was recorded that west Texas during the time of the snow storms got even colder than Alaska.

Texas weather in the past week

The average temperature from Feb. 14-16, 2021 was 10.8°. 4 inches of snow was marked in northern texas which broke the record of snow in Texas since 1951. Due to the snow storms in areas that most likely never get snow such as Texas are leaving residents with no power.

As of early Monday morning, more than 15,700 people were without power across the state, Which is resulting in deaths due to freezing temperatures Pipes start to become frozen there isn’t any heat in people’s homes so they are eventually dying from carbon monoxide trying to heat up their homes and stay alive.

There were also problems in Mississippi: they didn’t have enough snow plows for their trucks to clear the icy roads from the snowstorm because they never needed them . This then leads to car collisions and accidents and dangerous conditions when traveling.

Tennessee had also had their fair share with the store with record breaking temperatures at 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Last Monday, the storm had brought freezing rain and sleet.

The past snow storm left enough to make a mess from the highest being South Jersey Manalapan Township at 5.1 inches.Central Jersey’s highest was in Basking Ridge at 4 inches and North Jersey’s highest was in Ridgewood at 3.6 inches.

Even though this snow wasn’t as severe as it was in other states it had still made a mess,  leaving some businesses to be closed especially in fast food. Snow also makes the roads more dangerous to drive on and can lead to destruction such as car crashes. In fact, at the beginning of February when one of the snow storms came, police had reported over 600 car crashes in need of help just that morning.

Just the week of February 15 thousands of New Jersey citizens had lost power due to the storm.