Need A Brain Break? Check Out These Online Games


TJ Beatty and David Humphries Jr.

Too much information can become stressful; therefore brain breaks can relieve that stress. Brain breaks allows the resting pathways in the brain to restore their calm focus.

Here are a few favorite go-to sites for HHS students when they need a break during the day:

1. Snake– The object of this Google game is to eat as many apples as you can, without running into your own body. As the snake eats more apples, its body gets longer.

2. Poptropica– Poptropica is a virtual game where kids get to explore different and it helps them engage quests, stories, and different types of games.

3. Shell Shockers– The purpose of Shell Shockers is to get on the leaderboard with the most kills. It is a first-person game where players are playing as an egg. There are different game modes such as free for all and capture the flag.

4. Papa’s Pizzeria– The objective of the game Papas Pizzeria is to make sure people get their food on time while Papa Louie is gone. Customers order a specific order, and the player has to make sure everything is perfect and given to the customer on time.