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College Advice From A Former Student of Hammonton High School.

Lea Hornback, Reporter

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As Juniors of Hammonton High School pick classes for senior year, they are asked one very important question: what are your career plans? Some may have an immediate answer,  but for most it feels like they are being punched in the stomach when the words are spoken by their guidance counselor. No matter how much teachers, parents, friends, or siblings inform you of college, it is impossible to know for sure what will work for you. As I sat at my desk in the journalism room 8th period one day, began to realized how soon I would need to make decisions concerning my college career.  Soon after, interviewed a RCGC student, Jessica Congdon, who formerly attended Hammonton High School in order to provide insight into the college life for Hammonton upper class-men.

Are you more involved and motivated in school then you were in high school? Or vice versa?

I’m more involved and focused on college more than I ever was in high school. College is what really steers where you’re going in life. It’s more important to pay attention in your classes because it’s going to help you in your future. High school was easy to slack off in, and still come out with good grades. When you’re on time, ready for class, and have everything you need, it helps create a good path for yourself during your college years.  Outside of college, your work ethic and intelligence will continue to grow and benefit you in your career if you keep on track of what needs to be done.

Do you believe strong worth ethic or intelligence will make you more successful in and after college? Please explain why this will be more effective.

Work ethic: Yes!! Your work ethic will affect your grades SO much. If you’re not focused or organized in your classes, you WILL be lost, which leads to bad grades. IT’s important to be in class and at every lecture. It reflects on your work tremendously.

Have your dreams and aspirations changed since you’ve graduated high school?

My dreams have definitely changed after I graduated high school. In high school, I was determined to become an architect but I also wasn’t concerned about my future. Now out of highschool and in college, my life has changed. I’ve changed my career plan completely, switched from architecture to Physical Therapy. In college, everything you do counts, and it reflects your future. There is no room for play time, life begins once you leave those Hammonton High School doors.

How did you choose a college?

I chose community college specifically for my prerequisites. I knew I didn’t want to go away, I wasn’t ready to leave my family. I also believe paying thousands of dollars on courses on a 4 year college is not necessary when community colleges provide the same courses everyone will need to take in order to get their associates degree. Community college was cheaper and better for myself in the long run.

Advice: Stay organized! Pay attention and study like its your job!

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College Advice From A Former Student of Hammonton High School.