Tate McRae Brings Youth and Energy to the Stage


Mia Fortino

Mia Fortino, Reporter

Popstar sensation, Tate McRae, has achieved a lot at only eighteen years old in her music career.  Tate McRae is a Canadian dancer and singer/songwriter who first gained attention for her amazing dance skills and appearing on the reality and competition TV show, “So You Think You Can Dance.”  She was thirteen when she entered the competition and became the first Canadian finalist on the American TV show in season thirteen.

A year later, she gained even more recognition when she posted an original song she wrote called “One Day” on the video platform YouTube in 2017.  The song went viral and currently has over 38 million views.  She remained to post more songs on YouTube and more people began to fall in love with her songs that were so relatable, especially to teenagers around the world.  She released her debut EP “all the things i never said” in 2020 and also released her most popular and well-known song, “you broke me first” a couple of months after and became an international hit all over the world.  The hit single has reached over one billion streams and the music video has over 145 million views on YouTube.

The concert that my sister and I went to together took place at the Theatre of Living Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on March 28, the show was sold out.  There are two opening acts before Tate goes on and they are both amazing.  First is the new singer and performer, GAYLE.  GAYLE has also recently gained much success and is only seventeen years old and widely gained recognition for her hit single, “abcdefu.”  The second opening act is the TikTok sensation, Mimi Webb.  Mimi Webb is a pop singer from the United Kingdom and performed her seven-song setlist including her most well-known song, “Reasons.”  Both acts put on incredible sets and got the crowd hyped up and going and did not disappoint in their stellar performances.

As the lights deem down and the strobing effects come into play, Tate finally arrives on stage.  Her outfit for the show was a Philadelphia Eagles jersey and black leather pants and opened up with her song “stupid.”  She has a fourteen-song setlist and would also have two backup dancers come on and off for certain songs.  She also covered “You” by Dj Regard, Troye Sivan, Tate McRae herself, and “Breakeven” by The Script.  Throughout the show, she interacted with the crowd and make everyone feel good throughout the night.  She finished out her show with her most popular hit “you broke me first” and thanked her audience before leaving the stage.

Overall, Tate McRae is a great performer and so vulnerable on stage that makes the audience and fans feel even more connected with her than ever before.  Along with her singing, she also added her dance skills into her performances and is truly amazing at both and all around is just an incredible performer and artist.