The Last Good Show I Watched…


Domenic DeRose, Reporter






Will Bauers

“The last good show I watched is called The Cube hosted by Dwayne Wade. The show has to do with contestants who compete in different games to win money. Either get the question right, or lose all the money!”


Shane McSorely 

“The last good show I watched was Outer Banks Season 2. The show was pretty good, but definitely not one of my favorites.” The show is about a group of friends who go on a treasure hunt in the Outer Banks in the first season, then continue their journey and solve many mysteries in season 2.



Roman Castro

“The last good show I watched was Firefly. It has to be one of my favorites though it is dated. The show has many episodes and each episode has its own theme.  It is about a Captain named Malcolm Reynolds who captains a ship called Serenity with his small, but lovable crew. I recommend also watching the movie, Serenity.”




Dominic Alber 

“The last good show I watched was Money Heist. It is a great show and always stays intense. The show keeps watcher wondering what is going to happen. Very action packed!” The show is about a guy who assembles a group of skilled robbers to break into a bank and steal all the cash.



Giselle Annuzzi


“The last good show I watched was All American. This show is about a football player from South Crenshaw who comes to Beverly Hills High School and plays football. The show is about a lot of drama and it is a great binge if you love the sport of football.”