Falcon and the Winter Soldier What to Expect


Matt Moles, Reporter

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is next in line with Marvel entertainment streaming on Disney plus. After the first episode aired last Friday we finally got the vibe for the series. The series is about how Falcon played by Anthony Mackie and the Winter Soldier played by Sebastian Stan cope with the loss of Captain America and how Falcon becomes the next Captain America. I watched an interview with Kevin Feige, Anthony Mackie, and Sebastian Stan last Thursday and here is what they had to say.

“ We wanted to give off the vibe like we did during Captain America the Winter Soldier which was one of our best movies” Feige said to reporters.

This shows that This series will be amazing because Winter Soldier was one of the best standing solo superhero Movies Marvel had made according to the opening box office amount.

“ We didn’t want to be the first Marvel series that sucked since Thor the Dark World” Mackie told reporters.

This is good news because now we know that these two actors have given their all for this series and will be worth watching.

“ Bucky will be very different than what you have seen before now that he will have some peace time after Endgame, he will also have some romantic relationships in this story” Stan told reporters

This shows that Bucky will have an emotional side that we have never seen before and that he will be a long way from the cold hearted assassin that he once was. Two days after the interview the first episode aired in Disney plus on Friday. During the weekend I went around and asked a few people what they thought of the show.

“ I’m so happy Marvel is back and unlike WandaVision not leaving us with tons of questions” James Strain said.

That was one thing that bothered most Marvel fans with WandaVision. All those questions and little answers plus that letdown with Quicksilver people were left with a bad sense of confusion, but now Marvel is back again with their 5 star films incredible acting and storytelling.

“It reminds me of those cop movies with the 2 best friends” Will Bauers stated.

Feige said to fans that he got the inspiration for some of the sires from movies like Ride Along and other cop movies with comical value for the relationship for Falcon and Bucky. So we can expect interactions like Kevin Hart and the Rock or Key and Peele giving fans comical value while also having a serious tone to aid in the story’s interest.

“ This show is worth $7 a month it just feels like a Captain America movie even though he isn’t even in the show” Kyle Delesio proclaimed.

This is what Feige was going for with this show. For Marvel Captain America movies always start with an action scene and that’s exactly what they did with this show with the Falcon scene when he is saving the military officer from terrorists. Its nice to think that because Captain America is old fashion they keep the movie old fashion too.

Only on episode one and things are already looking good for the show. Marvel sure has set the bar sky high if they are ever going to top the masterpiece Avengers Endgame and they are doing it. After the success of WandaVision Marvel needs to keep fans engaged so they can have time to put the finishing touches on their movies since the effect of COVID 19 has set all of the Marvel films back. Ever since Iron Man one has aired on films Marvel has never ceased to give us amazing comic book movies and they are sure not done yet.