WandaVision: We Are Finally Done Waiting

WandaVision: We Are Finally Done Waiting

Matt Moles, Reporter

Wanda Vision was Marvel’s first sires that kicked off phase 4 of the MCU. It was more different than your average Marvel movie with it being more of a mystery show than a superhero movie.  The sires was a success with a score of 91%, however it did disappoint fans a little on the last episode. Some saying that the series left fans with more questions than answers for stuff like was Quicksilver back, or where did White Vision go in the last episode, however president of Marvel Studios Keven Feige assured fans that all of our questions will be answered in Doctor Strange 2.

“Doctor Strange will basically be WandaVision Season 2” Feige commented to reporters at an interview.

This proves that like all other MCU films we will have to wait a little to get our questions answered by Marvel. Fans in our school were a little disappointed with the outcome of WandaVision. Katie Moles who is an average Marvel fan stated her concerned about the out come of the sires.

“I loved the chemistry and the love Wanda and Vision had with each other and I was just disappointed when Vision and the kids had to die at the end,” she said.

The one thing most fans about the show people seemed to be disappointed by was the fact Quicksilver just turned out to be some guy named Ralph Boner. James Strain was watching Marvel ever since Iron Man came out in 2008 so he grew up watching all of these characters grow and change. He was really disappointed when the last episode showed that Quicksilver was not coming back.

” The Show was really good and interesting to watch I just wished that Quicksilver came back,” he said.

All in all WandaVision was a really good show and a great way to start phase 4 or the MCU. It gives off the mysterious vibe that Marvel wants it’s fans to have when they first start to watch the episodes. WandaVision was more about the story of Wanda’s grief of losing everything she loved portraying that in her depression she took an entire town hostage. It shows how events from past movies still have an effect on specific characters in the MCU. Up next marvel will be streaming Falcon and the Winter soldier with the same mysterious vibe WandaVision has been giving us.