Must-Haves to Watch: Netflix Addiction


Alyssa Petulla, Reporter

There are so many shows, so many movies on Netflix but where to start? That’s why I’m here, I’m going to be your guide to the top movies, and shows that are must to watch. This guide will be half, and half to both the movie and show world. However, you might be wondering how will I like it, especially if we all have different taste. My list will be complied of variety of different genres, and types. Overall, this will be a useful tool as you try to narrow down your next victim to watch.

The List: Tv Shows
1) LA’s Finest
2) Sweet Magnolia’s
3) The Vampire Diaries
4) Dynasty
5) Arrow
6) Queen of the South
7) Bridgerton
8) The Order
9) Cobra Kai
10)The Circle: Social Media Competition

First list we have is created from tv shows, that I believe are must have’s. This list is a range of shows that I’ve watched start to finish without watching something in between. These days it is so hard to find a show that you can fully watch. I know I get tired, and bored especially if the show starts to go down in quality or it gets dragged out. However, the shows I have out together will have action, romance, and laughter among them all. Yet some are more family friendly than others so adult preview is advised.

The List: Movies
1) Remember Me
2) Runaway Bride
3) American Assassin
4) Mystic Pizza
5) Ava
6) Lady Driver
7) Enola Holmes
8) Nappily Ever After
9) A fall from grace
10)Secret in their eyes

Some of these movies you might recognize, that are classic’s. I believe these were the best movies out of 10 that I have ever watched on Netflix’s. However, there are more classics that are also very good: 17 again, Mean Girls, Christmas Vacation, The Smurfs, and more. Those are also good family movies, and Netflix is also great at narrowing down those. But, this list is good because it allows a place to start, while also crossing out what you’ve accomplished. All in all, both lists I’ve created were hidden jems and things I’m glad I’ve came across.