Just Eat It!


Alyssa Petulla, Reporter

There are so many places out in the world to eat. Whether it is in small New Jersey, or even as far as big old California there are places non comparable than the rest. You might be wondering how? Well, everyone has their favorite places to eat, and there is a chance that there was a place you visited on vacation that was something better than what we have nearby. An example can include, comparing two famous places that I have visited, Red Robin and In and Out for a good burger. While if you wanted a good burrito, the best places to compare would have to be chipotle and Pancheros. However, the last place to compare for the best salad is the Chicken caesar salad from either Panera or even applebee’s. That’s how you can take an average meal, and find the best quality around town.

Though, not everyone may get the chance in their lifetime to visit California, it is a vacation idea to throw out there. Yet, let’s think maybe you will get an opportunity to go visit out there, which is when you must go to the famous burger joint, In and Out. They have the best burgers I’ve ever eaten, in my opinion. “This is the best burger I have ever had” senior Aiva Hornback said. “It beats any Wendy’s, Mcdonalds, or Burger kings burgers.” Not only do I believe it is the best, I have my friend to back me up with this decision. I decided to compare it to Red Robin because those other places do not stand a chance. However, though Red Robin has better quality than those three, it does not beat In and Out. The price, quantity, and quality of this California style fast food restaurant will forever be on top.

Another comparison that is worth the taste test is Chipotle vs Pancheros. This is a battle that will be fought to the death. Many people will say that one is better than the other. I even was able to get my friends to weigh in on this opinion. “Pancheros is the best, hands down, nothing can compare to the taste” senior Alyssa Whittaker said. The best part about this battle is the final result, it was a clean sweep. Out of the family, and friends I asked they all agreed Pancheros was better. Honestly, I’m going to also have to add to the clean sweep because it just is. The prices are similar, but Pancheros serves a better quality than the rest.

A popular type of salad is a chicken caesar, but what place has the best? Panera, and Applebee’s are the two places I decided to have a battle against each other. Taste tests from both were an essential in this circumstance. But, after both were consumed I felt Panera was the victor. There was a bigger quantity for the price, a better quality dressing, and that fresh taste to it. This was just a small opinion to a big named popular salad.

Now that you have the facts of where to go, and what to try. It’s your turn! Go to these places, and try out what I decided to compare. Make your own opinion! Keep it local, and try the main storyline, Chipotle vs Panchero’s. See what steals your heart the most out of these three.