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One of Us: Mr. Siscone

Mr. Siscone poses with a mongoose: the animal he would be if he could.

Rocquel Doughty, Staff Writer

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Mr. A. Jay Siscone is a United States History teacher here at Hammonton High School.  He graduated from Hammonton High in 2000, although his go-to answer for his age is 103. After high school graduation, he attended Mount St. Mary’s University, from which he graduated in 2004. Siscone has been teaching for nine years and is currently teaching AP and honors US history.  I recently sat down with him to learn a bit more about him.

I am… perplexed by this question.

My favorite topic to teach in US history is… the 1960’s.

When I’m not in school I like to… enjoy a period of solitude.

The thing I like most about myself is… my sarcasm.

My greatest fear is… Well, snakes.  And Sharks.  Let’s just say going into the ocean in general.

If I weren’t teaching I’d be… An FBI agent.

The thing people generally don’t know about me is… I’m very happy and optimistic. I know- you’re surprised.

My historical hero is… Alexander Hamilton. He’s got a great understanding of the nature of man.

The best thing on TV is… I have two things that I watch: Boardwalk Empire and Impractical Jokers.

My favorite place to eat in Hammonton is… You know what? I’m going to say Mary’s.  I like Mary’s.

If I were an animal I would be… A mongoose. They’re vicious and they kill cobras.  What’s better than that?


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One of Us: Mr. Siscone